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Raiders signing David Irving

Free agent defensive lineman David Irving is getting a second (third?) chance in the NFL. Irving, who has not played since 2018, is signing with the Raiders, Aaron Wilson of

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New method allows more targeted measurement of thyroid hormone action in tissue

Patients with thyroid dysfunction are routinely treated with drugs to regulate the hormone imbalance. The effect of these drugs is clinically evaluated by means of blood tests. A team led

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Some Americans are just tuning into the election now. Here’s the news they really need

With the 2020 election well underway and less than two weeks until the votes are counted, this reminder for reporters is simple but essential: Some Americans are plugging in to

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The Good Lord Bird is a timely reminder that Americans aren’t usually fans of progress

At a time when American politicians and media personalities speak glibly of patriotism and freedom, it’s easy to forget that very few people who dedicated themselves to advancing those causes

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Aldi insider shares store secrets – from speedy checkouts to finding bargains

Aldi is extremely popular with shoppers thanks to its record-breaking checkout staff and the middle aisle items you never knew you needed but suddenly can’t live without. Every store and

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