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Tom Brady now one touchdown pass behind Drew Brees’ career record

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the NFL’s all-time record holder for career touchdown passes. After Sunday night, he might not be. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is currently at 555 career

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A fraction of a second is all you need to feel the music

The brain does not necessarily perceive the sounds in music simultaneously as they are being played. New research sheds light on musicians’ implicit knowledge of sound and timing. “It is

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The Hummer is making a comeback — and this time, it’s all-electric

The Hummer is back. But it’s a much different truck than it used to be. General Motors revealed the new all-electric GMC Hummer EV Tuesday night, officially bringing back the

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Twitter is fighting election chaos by urging users to quote tweet instead of retweet

Twitter announced a slew of temporary changes on Friday aimed at staving off abuse around the November 3rd US presidential election. Tweets that include premature claims of victory will be

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Dad who lost job in pandemic ‘considered dealing cannabis’ to feed family

A dad has spoken out after he became so desperate to feed his family earlier in the pandemic he briefly considered selling cannabis. Mohammed Haroon says he was left with

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